Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello few people, you know who you are.

Yes, I am complicated. Yet, I may be the most complicated person on earth. But I have never asked people to understand me and I don't want them to do so. Because I have these few people that no matter how hard for her/him to understand my situation, they will still say 'ye, aku faham'.

Thus you need not love word nor nice thing to realize I do need you guys badly in my life, right? Sorry for being such a bitch, we are all indeed a bitch ourself. Keep doing what you're best at and do not regret. And that I may not be with you guys all the time but notice this,

"I am with you, upside down, inside out. For good and for bad, especially for bad. I am with you guys, always."

Rock on!

Dyra J.


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We people sometimes don't feel the needs of to be consoled.