Monday, April 12, 2010

B for Blogspot.

Dear Blogspot,

how are you today? I guess I am insane now asking you question that you can't even answer it. Sorry Blogspot, I know you can't reply. It's okay, at least you won't hurt people's feeling. Kan Blogspot, kan? :)

Blogspot, did you know that sometimes, I get sick reading stupid materials from stupid minds? I am trying not to think about it but there's nothing I can do accept thinking. Those things kept on messing with my mind and I think I am going mad.

Dear Blogspot,

You know, sometimes you got to look in the mirror when you talk about people. I mean, yeah Blogspot, look at you. You're Blue-ish yet Orange-ish, how come you can talk bad things about Wordpress, Tumblr and Xanga? Blogspot, you are not that cool okay? Chill, you and those blogging service are basically the same. ;)

Blogspot, eventhough you are not nice, but I do love you and most of all, I pity you, a lot. I am a homo-sapien, I still have my mankind. :)

However Blogspot, not to worry. The day will come for you to realize that you are not alone living in this mad world. And one day, karma will come and bite you in the ass. And that's how life is all about. Thou there are many imperfections from you, I forgive you, Blogspot.

I am not holding any grudges towards anyone, anymore. I am done. Take care! Bye Blogspot.

Dyra J.

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